Keep your oil boiler in tip-top shape with these tips

Oil Fired Central Heating System

Keep your oil boiler in tip-top shape with these tips

In the UK, there are over four million households without access to the mains gas grid. Among the alternative options to a gas boiler, an oil boiler system is most commonly used. The cost to operate an oil boiler is less than that of an electric boiler or LPG boiler. A wide array of choices is available under the category of oil boilers. In order to ensure that you have a reliable heating system, you have to make sure that that boiler works properly to provide you with hot water and heat. The law now requires all new oil boilers to have condensing boilers, thereby making them 90% more efficient than older models. However, to minimize further future costs, you will also need to maintain them. To make your boiler run efficiently, we have put together useful tips which will help you maintain it properly.

1. Make sure you are not low on oil!

This is the first and most straightforward tip. Although undoubtedly obvious, homeowners need to keep their fuel tanks in a good working state. Working implies keeping an eye on the oil residue and fuel levels at all times, particularly as the cold weather approaches. It is possible to measure the oil level in some tank oil through the use of gauges. In the event that your fuel levels start to drop, make sure that you top up your tank of oil in advance. The boiler and the entire system can suffer numerous problems when the oil tank is running dry. To get your boiler to start again if your oil runs out, you will have to remove air from the oil lines. The oil level valve located at the base of the gauge should be operated if you own one of these. For checking the fuel level in your tank, you need to remove this valve. Ultimately, this tip may sound easy, but it is one that should never be forgotten.

2. Be aware of the water pressure within your system

Nowadays, many boilers are part of sealed heat pumps. In these cases, a pressure gauge should be regularly checked to determine what pressure is present. Your boiler’s pressure gauge is located on its control panel. In case of low pressure, simply click the filling button to bring it back up. In most houses, the pressure should range between 0.7 and 1.2 bars at cold startup. Should you find it necessary for you to constantly top up your system pressure, you should consult with your installer. By power flushing your system, you can ensure that your system water remains as pure as possible. There should be no wet steam leaking.

3. Configure your controls appropriately

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your boiler and heating, you should set your preferences accurately using the right control (well maintained heating system can do wonders). With an appropriately set heating control, you can adjust the level of comfort according to your preferences, thereby minimizing impractical energy use. Programming allows you to specify the times when your water and heating systems are being used, reducing the amount of unnecessary energy used. A room thermostat can also be used to set the temperature of the air in your home, and thermostatic radiator valves, which are commonly installed in all radiators, can be used to control the temperature of each room independently. Making small adjustments until you achieve the desired room temperature is the best way to use thermostatic radiator valves. When your rooms reach their optimum temperature, do not operate thermostatic radiator valves as standalone switches and fiddle with them. Modern heating control systems have become more sophisticated, with many of us having access to them from our smartphones, giving us complete control over our heating settings.

Maintain your central heating system with annual boiler servicing
Keep your oil boiler in tip-top shape with these tips

4. Maintain a corrosive-free boiler and system

It is important to prevent corrosion from occurring in your boiler and heating system to ensure they last longer. Treatment of system water in radiators, pipework, and boilers, for instance, can help prevent corrosion. A build-up of corrosion can cause a variety of undesirable outcomes, such as a reduced ability to produce heat and the development of leaks in the boiler and radiators. Recent developments in modern technology have brought a new approach to this issue to the forefront. Introducing a magnetic filter into the pipeline can reduce the amount of crude flowing through the system, reducing the possibility of blockages. Keep an eye on the boiler surfaces and make sure not even a thin layer of rust is formed.

5. Schedule regular maintenance for your boiler

You may want to check your oil tank regularly or arrange to have oil delivered regularly to your home so that accidents do not happen. Annual maintenance service should be performed on kerosene-fueled oil boilers (specially the gas pipes)in the home. For optimal boiler performance, an official boiler servicing call includes cleaning and resetting the burner combustion. During the service, parts of the flue and boiler systems will also be checked and replaced. By doing so, we will further ensure that the boiler operates efficiently and under safe conditions. Only a Gas Safe Certified engineer should service or check your boiler. Make sure your boiler is inspected annually, and make sure you check your warranty certificate as well. Annual boiler service can keep your central heating system as well as the overall heating circuit in check.

A regular boiler service can have a positive affect on the annual energy consumption
Keep your oil boiler in tip-top shape with these tips 3

It should be a whole lot easier to maintain and care for your boilers now that you are aware of these tips. Keeping these tips in mind and following them is elementary. You will get the most benefit from the boiler and save money at the same time. We at Avenue are here to provide you with engineers at your doorstep when your boiler’s annual service is due. We will make sure that you do not have to wait long for the warm feeling to kick in. We will keep your boiler serviced so that you never run out of hot water during cold winter days. Contact us today for quick boiler servicing!