An Avenue Heating System Flush will improve your central heating system, help you use less energy and keep you warm at home.

Everything you need to know about getting a System Flush


Watch our short video to learn more about our Avenue Heating System Flush, how it works and why getting one might help improve the performance of your central heating system.

Why you may need a System Flush

A Powerflush helps deal with heating problems that you can’t always see.

system flush 1

Reduced Efficiency

Sludge, rust and limescale causes leaks and blocked pipes. Dirty water in your pipes causes heating problems and reduces efficiency.

system flush 2

Cold spots on your radiator

Sludge build-up causes cold spots in your radiators. This means they have to work harder to heat a room and you waste more energy.

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Boiler Breakdowns

A clogged boiler and pump causes breakdowns. 87% of boiler breakdowns are due to dirty water in your heating system.

System Flush savings and efficiency

A Powerflush helps prolong the life of your system, lower your bills and reduce the risk of breakdowns.


  • Helps your home heat up faster and wastes less energy


  • Reduces system wear and tear and helps to protect your boiler
Central Heating System Flush from Avenue Heating

How does a System Flush work?

System Flush

Before a Power Flush

The sludge in your radiators creates cold spots so the heat can’t flow around them effectively.

System Flush

During a Power Flush

We’ll use a machine and three-step chemical process to thoroughly clean out your boiler, pipes and radiators, and replace dirty sludge with clean water.

System Flush

Boiler Breakdowns

After the System Flush has removed sludge from your pipes, radiators and boiler, your system should work much better.

How to book a System Flush

  • Book a free appointment and one of our engineers will pop over and check your central heating system, then provide a fixed-price quote


  • If you decide to go ahead with a Powerflush, we’ll help you book an appointment (it can take around eight hours to complete a System Flush)
Central Heating System Flush from Avenue Heating

Need to know more about system flushing?

Avenue Heating will flush your heating system using a three-pronged process of combining the use of chemicals, heat and agitation to dislodge, move and extract out the sludge and dirty water that is inside your heating system.

The type of process that we mainly carry out does not use the “traditional” method of power-flushing a heating system, which can cause old pipes to leak due to high pressure being pumped into the system. All full demonstration of our whole process can be found in the below video!

As a proud accredited company for Adey Magnaclense, we are able to offer a one-off cleanse, using the most up-to-date technology to make sure your radiators heat up properly. This process helps to increase the life-expectancy of the whole of your system, keeps your heating bills down and reduces the risk of breakdowns. Prices start from £350.

There will be a number of signs that you need a system flush, below is a list of the most common signs that you may need to have your central heating system flushed:

  • Banging noises from your boiler
  • Kettling noise coming from your boiler
  • Cold spots on your radiators, particularly on the bottom
  • Your boiler breaks down and regularly needs restarting
  • Your central heating pump or boiler are making excessive noises
  • Your central heating system gradually starts to take longer to heat up
  • Some of your radiators take longer to heat up than other
  • When you bleed your radiators the water is dark or black
  • When bleeding your radiators no air comes out
  • Your radiators do not get warm even when the boiler is on

It is recommended that you should have your heating system flushed every four to five years.When you have a new boiler installed, depending on the water quality of your system, it may be necessary to carry out a full flush at that point.

The time it takes to flush a system depends largely on the size of the property and how blocked or dirty the system is. The larger the system and the more sludge there is, the longer it will take. We take pride in the quality of our work and will flush your system for as long is required to clean the system and will work on each individual radiator to specifically ensure each one is clear of blockages.

To give an indication, a property with a system consisting of fifteen radiators will take a whole day to complete.

It is advised that your flush is carried out by a qualified professional. All of our engineers are fully qualified and take part in ongoing manufacturer training to ensure that their skills and knowledge are always up to highest of standards.

The cost of a flush of your heating system varies and is individually quoted to reflect your home’s unique system composition.

To get a no obligation quote for the cost of flushing your heating system, call us today on 0203 137 3333 or just click below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements!