Avenue Heating Underfloor heating installation


Under floor heating is another area that Avenue Heating are regarded as a “go-to” company within our area in regards to both the installation, and particularly fault-finding and breakdown of under-floor heating systems! We are proud to say that we have never failed in resolving a fault with an under-floor heating system!



Selecting, designing, installing, and commissioning under floor heating systems is a very technical and sometimes challenging process and requires a high level of understanding, not just of the “wet” side of any installation, but also the understanding of the electrical controls and wiring of the system.

Avenue Heating Under floor heating installation

Before embarking on the installation of an under-floor heating system, we will require a number of points of information, including the area to be headed, the sub-floor on which it is due to sit, the finished floor finish, the size of the whole heating system and what type of controls are to be used. It may mean that in order to heat your new area by under-floor heating that you will need to install a new boiler to meet the increased demand! But whatever the eventuality, you can be confident that Avenue Heating will be able to walk you through each stage and make it hassle-free experience!


If you are in the early stages of exploring your options for a new wet under floor heating system or your current system has failed, please get in touch today!

If your under floor heating system has failed what should you do?

If your under floor heating system has failed, there are a number of steps you can take prior to calling in an engineer! Please see out top tips below! * Is your room thermostat calling for heat? If it is a battery operated room thermostat, are the batteries charged or do they require replacing? * If you have a wire-less room thermostat, can you locate the receiver for the thermostat? It is usually near to the wiring centre next to the under floor heating manifold (this is metal thing which has lots of small plastic pipes coming out of the bottom of it and going into the floor!). If you can locate it, there should be a manual “over-ride” button, can you press it and does it fire up the under-floor heating/boiler? It may be that your wireless thermostat is faulty and needs replacing or again, as point one, the batteries need replacing!

* Is the boiler igniting for other uses such as hot water or radiators? If it isn’t, it may be that you have a boiler fault that needs to be rectified!

* If the boiler is not igniting for anything, make sure that the pressure gauge on the boiler is topped up to at least “one-bar”. You could also try to reset the boiler and see if it fires up. It would also be worthwhile just checking that the gas supply at the gas meter is switched on. We have been to lots of properties where the gas meter has been accidently switched off or that there is no credit left on the meter!

* If the boiler is igniting for other uses and the room thermostat is calling for heat, it is time to look at the under floor heating system itself! When there is a call for heat, check that the “two-port valve” is opening. This is a silver chrome box next to the manifold and will have a small lever on it. When there is a call for heat, the lever should become loose and when there is not a call, it should be firm. If this is not changing you will need to call an engineer to investigate further!

* When there is a call for heat and the two-port valve loosens, but there is still no heat going through your under floor heating, have a feel of the circulating pump. It is circular head that can be found attached to the metal part of the manifold. Can you feel it vibrating/spinning when there is a call? If it is not activated, you will need to get an engineer to investigate!

* If you have tried all of the above and still have no heat, the above information will be very useful to an engineer and may be able to help diagnose the fault and subsequent repair quickly and save you money in the process!

* If you have any issues with your under floor heating please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will be happy to help!

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