Combination Boilers

Vaillant EcoFIT pure Combination Gas Boilers

The Vaillant EcoFit pure range is one of our most popular models we install.


The 825 model are perfect boilers when installed in a one-bathroom smaller property, such as an apartment. It’s compact size means that is small enough to fit into a cupboard, but also powerful enough to deliver 10.4 litres a minute of hot water! Due to there also being a 30 and 35kW models, this range can also be installed in larger properties, such as a three bedroom house or larger apartments.A


Some important information

As Avenue Heating is an accredited installer of Vaillant boilers, we are able to offer 7-year warranties as standard rather than a 2-year warranty an unaccredited company could offer, with the option to increase this to ten years also upon request.

combination boilers

There are three models with different outputs to suit your requirements; 25,30 and 35kW

Water flow rate from your hot tap of up to 14.1 litres a minute

The boilers have an ErP rating for both hot water and heating efficiency

The boiler dimensions are: H 700mm x W 390mm x D 295mm

Typical costing of a Vaillant EcoTec 825 Pure

Typical cost (including VAT) || £2,880

Combination Boilers

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Frequently asked questions

EcoFIT Pure boilers come with a range of features, including LED display, a high specification aluminium heat exchanger to extend lifetime, high-quality components and full-compatibility with Vaillant’s range of intelligent controls.

Vaillant ecoFIT boilers will help to reduce your energy bills thanks to being so efficient. In addition, they’re considered smart boilers because they are able to adapt when you don’t need as much heat, reducing maximum power output down to 20%.

The real main advantage of this particular model is it’s compact size, allowing it to be installing kitchen cupbaords! As well as helping to reduce energy bills by only deliver instant hot water on demand, rather than heating a whole tank of water for just a bowl of hot water that may be required. It also means you do not need to have tanks and cylinders in your landing or loft areas!

Vaillant have designed their ecoFIT boilers so that their installation can be versatile. They are compact, wall-mounted units that can fit within a standard cupboard and, due to they’re internal frost protection feature, they can also be installed outside or in a loft.