Oil Central Heating

Oil Central Heating

The amount of properties without electricity or gas in the UK is estimated to be around 4 million. An oil fired boiler is a great alternative for people living in rural areas.

Although the cost of fuel can fluctuate, an oil fired boiler is usually a very cost-effective way of fuelling a central heating system.

Oil Fired Central Heating

Oil central heating systems are what’s known as a ‘wet’ system – where the boiler pumps heated water through radiators and hot water taps, just like a gas boiler. You can install oil boilers as a heat only system or a combi boiler (heat and water). In contrast to a gas combi boiler, the latter stores domestic hot water internally rather than heating it on demand.

In comparison to oil, gas is brought directly to your home through the mains, while with oil boilers it is delivered physically and heating oil is stored in a tank. Your supplier will rent or sell you this tank. The boiler is usually installed outside in the garden, and is connected to it by pipework.

As for the controls and how it looks, an oil fired central heating system is similar to a gas system once it has been installed.

A few of these are:

  • A thermostat located in your living room, or as a portable unit

  • Thermostatic radiator valves, to maintain your ideal temperature

How Efficient is an Oil Central Heating System?

It is similar efficiency to a gas system, sometimes can be a bit better in fact. The best A rated systems can provide up to 98% efficiency. As with all systems, regular maintenance will help improve the efficiency overall.

Cost of Heating Oil

The annual cost roughly of heating oil in the UK is around £540 if you use around 13,500kWh a year. The heating oil prices fluctuate throughout the year so this price will vary over time.

Boiler Installation St Albans

Most domestic properties to have oil storage tanks for storing their heating oil ranging in size from 650 litres to 2500 litres. They usually hold enough oil to fuel a house for six to nine months.

When buying heating oil in large quantities, you can potentially ensure your supply at a regulated price, since the average price varies during the course of the year.

Oil Fired Central Heating Engineers

When was the last time you had your oil tank checked?

A surprising number of people don’t know if and when they should have their boilers and heating oil tanks checked and serviced. The number of people who have never had their boilers serviced is even more surprising. 

Professional Oil Central Heating Engineers

As OFTEC (Oil Fired Technical Association) registered engineers, Avenue Heating can provide you with a fully qualified engineer, regardless of whether you are installing or servicing your oil boiler or heating oil tank.

Upgrading your oil fired boiler

There are lots of benefits to upgrading your outdated or unreliable boiler or central heating system, one is that you could save money on your ever-increasing gas bills with a new energy efficient, ‘A’ rated, condensing boiler installation.

Heating System Power Flushing from Avenue Heating

Oil Central Heating Installation

It is mandatory to use an engineer who is Gas-Safe-registered to install gas central heating. There are no such legal requirements to install an oil boiler system. But we do recommend you choose an engineer who’s registered with Ofted, the Oil-Fired Technical Association, just to be safe.

Do you have a home with old electric storage heating, and are thinking of converting the heating system to gas boilers? Or maybe you’re renovating your aged home, and want to replace the central heating system with a brand new boiler, pipework, radiators and heating controls. An oil central heating system may be a good option for you.

Combi Boiler

Oil Combi Boilers

Oil fired combination boilers are a cost effective oil heating system that will give you heating and hot water on demand. This means that you will not have a hot water storage tank, just the main oil storage tank.

This option is great for smaller homes with 2 bathrooms or less, any larger and the boiler will struggle to cope with the demand for hot water.


Oil System Boiler

The oil system boiler heats the system and stores hot water in a storage cylinder.

Water is directly supplied from the mains.

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Oil Regular Boiler

Most large, traditional homes have this type of boiler.

The cold water supply comes from a storage tank in the loft rather than from the mains.

Hot water is stored in a tank and heated directly by the central heating system.

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In the UK most oil boilers use kerosene heating oil. This is a much cleaner oil to burn than red diesel.

It is similar efficiency to a gas system, sometimes can be a bit better in fact. The best A rated systems can provide up to 98% efficiency. As with all systems, regular maintenance will help improve the efficiency overall.

You cannot ignite home heating oil with a match – if you drop one in your tank it will simply be extinguished. The liquid form of the compound is non-explosive and can’t mix with the air to become explosive. To ignite it, it needs to be vaporised, which is what your oil boiler does

6 Ways to Optimise Your Heating Oil Consumption This Winter
  • Monitor Heating Oil Use
  • Decrease Energy Usage
  • Set the Thermostat Lower
  • Upgrade the Boiler
  • Have your Boiler Serviced
  • Buy Oil When the Price Is Lower
The best way to save money on heating oil is to invest in a new and more efficient oil-fired boiler. Boilers that are modern are more energy-efficient and have a lower failure rate, saving you money on repairs in the long run.
Turn Down Your Thermostat at Certain Times

One obvious trick for saving on heating oil prices is to knock the thermostat down a few degrees. The Department of Energy reports that for every degree cooler, you’ll save between 1-3%.

In order to allow free flow of water, you might think that all valves on all your radiators should stay fully open at all times. In practice, this could lead to an imbalance in your heating system, resulting in some radiators getting hotter than others.



St Albans is a cathedral city in Hertfordshire, England located at the east of Hemel Hempstead and west of Hatfield, 20 miles (32 km) north-west of London. St. Albans, which later became the Roman city of Verulamium, was the first significant settlement for travelers traveling north on the ancient Roman Watling Street. It is located in the Greater London Built-up Area and the commuter belt of London.

St Albans‘ numerous historic inns can be attributed to its past as a small rural market town, a Christian pilgrimage place, and the first coaching stop on the route to and from London. Small and lacking in industry, St. Albans was in the Victorian era.

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